Who Is Letting Down The Community of Ryde?


But those flying the Left’s flag don’t see it that way – they’re doing their bit to uphold the personal fifedom of a long-serving ALP “faceless woman”.

The former NSW upper house member pulls the strings of Labor Left’s low-hanging operation in Ryde – for the mostpart, one or two rookie councillors with egos so inflated, an explosion of no substance is imminent.

That’s devastating for locals who expected their vote would deliver something substantially more than puppets. Perplexingly, Labor’s Left has inflicted turmoil on the community by joining forces with strange bedfellows on crucial local issues – the Liberal Right!


Last term, the dysfunction  and caustic atmosphere only came about after two Left wing Labor councillors joined forces with the four Right wing-led Liberal councillors to prop up the unpopular Civic Centre proposal which was to have lined the pockets of a few while dudding ratepayers.

The present council is also exposed to the debilitating Labor Left disease. Two rookie councillors with aspirations well eclipsing ability, talent  and experience, squandered the non-Liberal councillors’ 7-5 advantage by boycotting the Mayoral election.

The Liberals couldn’t contain their delight at the unexpected windfall of the Mayoralty, the only consolation to the community being that the man elevated to the role, Roy Maggio, is an outstanding community representative, with a focus on improving Ryde’s sporting facilities and exploring opportunities to create more open space.

Meanwhile, the “faceless woman”, whose tampering with preferences during the council elections scored the Liberals an extra spot, is the key puppetmaster behind the scenes.

When she’s not busy being a “faceless woman”, she makes some dishonourable appearances in the media, the most memorable of which was in a Daily Tele report about her ban from visiting NSW prisons after being busted delivering figs to serving paedophile and former colleague, Milton Orkopoulos. Click here to read more on this important issue.

If reading the above has not left you bed-ridden with a migraine and you’re game to know more, the full version of this artful rant – and illustration – can be found by CLICKING HERE


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