Nostalgia: The Councillors Saving Ryde


On September 8, 2012, the people of Ryde will finally get the opportunity to reward the principled stance of six Ryde Councillors committed to acting in accordance with the will of their constituents:

* Cr Ivan Petch
* Cr Vic Tagg
* Cr Jeff Salvestro-Martin
* Cr Justin Li
* Cr Terry Perram
* Cr Michael Butterworth*

Ryde Council’s senior management, its four Liberal councillors and two Labor-elected, Right Wing Liberal-thinking female councillors (who have not been endorsed by Labor for the Sept 8 council election) are treading an extremely fine line in their misguided support for a contentious development proposal.

The Ryde Civic Centre redevelopment proposal is continuing to flounder under the substantial weight of growing community disapproval.

The fundamental problem with the plan is that the terms of the deal are not only heavily unbalanced and seemingly lacking in commercial acumen, they are above all demonstrably unfair in terms of the inadequate return being proposed for valuable community-owned assets.

Their increasingly desperate attempts to force upon ratepayers a commercial arrangement stacked heavily in favour of multinational developer Lend Lease before an imminent election, at the expense of potential efforts to seek a mandate from the community, is widely – and justifiably – viewed with suspicion.

(* Cr Butterworth is retiring, but is urging West Ward voters to support his ALP-endorsed replacement, candidate Jerome Laxale)


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