About Taking Us For A Ryde

This site was once called Save Ryde, but since the crooks got in first, it’s too late to save anything.

But now’s definitely the right time to wage war on The Star Chamber – or ICAC – for not doing its job of investigating and exposing serious and systemic corruption. Instead its adding to the problem with its increasingly-worrying antics.

Don’t even ask what’s going on with Ryde. The editor of Save Ryde hasn’t been round Ryde long enough to understand how two ring leaders were able to spend millions on their conga line of consultants for a project that never commenced and was overwhelmingly unwelcome and disliked by Ryde’s community.

The story of political interference of ICAC, which was then used as a political weapon by the types of people it’s meant to eradicate, is another story that’s so surreal, it’s a nightmare.

And it doesn’t matter that you’re telling the truth, when you tell people of what happened with Ryde, you can see their interest slowly fade away. I can’t blame them – why would anyone volunteer to utilise their valuable time listening to a story that’s seriously convoluted and involves a level of perversions of the anti-corruption watchdog’s processes that are unplausable or just too sensational to believe.

I hope the wheels turn on the legal processes so that undeserving victims will one day be able to tell the story to the apathetic members of the public that saw things becoming bad but was too fatigued by their considerable activism to volunteer for the continued hard slog.

To keep things simple, here’s prominent broadcaster, 2GB’s Alan Jones, explaining the dubious deal – driven by the personal greed of a few – which has been front and centre of this almighty local government kerfuffle.


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