Their mums would be proud: Bill Pickering, Anthony Roberts bromance recognised by national broadsheet

Finally! Andrew Clenell (@aclennell) formerly of the Tele and now with The @Australian has caught up with this ‘Cash for Approvals’ scam run by long-time bromancers Anthony Roberts and Bill Pickering.

Sorry, but the “EXCLUSIVE” sticker for this story is already occupied. You can have “EXCLUSIVE for 2018!” instead. The Weekly Times – an itty bitty little independent newspaper based in Ryde – ran this story late last year (Sept 6).

And TWT followed up a week later with an updated version of substantially the same detail. It was a second chance for you to pick up on the story.

Says it all really. Mind you Andrew, you have chimed in with some very interesting condiments to go with the original meal and you’ve done a pretty good job also distracting the reader from the realisation this is a four-month-old story, one you missed because you were too busy getting drops from the same people.

Still, you’re not as useless as The Sydney Morning Herald’s Sean Nicholls, who is their knucklehead of choice for diversionary stories because he has no idea when he’s being played.

Nicholls, it’s not too late to catch up with the real story after three instalments of Victor Dominello-targeted bullshit he was fed to take him off the scent.

His stories didn’t even make sense.

Nicholls’ follow-up story confirmed he had taken the bait and had no fucking idea what he was reporting. I can’t remember what the third story was – but rest assured it was equally shithouse.

Nicholls has forgotten how to be a journalist, like many of your remaining colleagues in the SMH’s dis. To fix this, you need a bit of adversity in your life – a retrenchment would do you good, to drag you away from your favourite passtime of smelling your own farts.

Anyway, there is a segue here.. the fuck-ups that ended up on the pages of the SMH were cooked and packaged by none other than Pickering and Roberts.

It’s absurd to think Nichols couldn’t avoid his stuff ups, given his byline is on the story below.

Then it suddenly hits you – Nicholls didn’t understand what he was writing about. Sheesh… do you guys only handle drops, have you forgotten how to research, check facts and all those fiddly things?

Back to the story at hand. Clennell’s description – “Pro-developer group” – is lovely and warm and fuzzy – but “cash for approvals club”, is closer to the mark.


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