TvFox’s Hard News ‘Erection Rigging’ Scoop


Fox’s Hard News On “Erection Rigging”

Rigging claims have come thick and fast following Donald Trump’s Whitehouse elevation — now Fox in the US has this “hard news”…

He’s not getting younger and now that the media has exposed Trump and sexual assault as BFFs, he’ll be wanting to take full advantage of his fans’ adoration while in power to get some ‘Clintonian’ Presidential action.

That’s got to mean one thing: performance enhancers — and really, it should’ve been easy to foresee it would come to this.

Donald Trump: a face that screams of “erection rigging”, though to be fair, this isn’t about him (but it could be).

Assuming the erection indeed belongs to the presidential pants man, some serious issues arise. Should the American president be clocked on while high on Horny Goat Weed or with compromised circulation on Viagra?

Erection rigging is big news – aren’t these natural and pharamaceutical treaments “erection riggers”?

Why shouldn’t the president be held to the same standard as an Olympian and hauled in front of a WADA-like tribunal to face anything up to a life ban for this type of performance enhancement doping?

Well, I’m Glad I asked.

To be fair, we almost certainly know the subject matter is not an appendage attached to ‘The Donald’.

This is “fake news” — a Trump creation — and a great example of how it can backfire on him, over something he has nothing to do with — simply a news anchor’s freudian slip.

The owner of the erection and what kind of rigging he did to reach that outcome, is detail clearly cast aside in the heat of the moment.

But we can deduce it’s something that popped up during the rough and tumble of the Democratic primaries last year when rivalry between Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton for their party’s nomination was at its peak.


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