‘Bills’: One word that explains why we hate corrupt politicians

For many an Aussie battler busting their gut to make ends meet, watching corrupt politicians skimming government coffers and and routinely abusing their power, this catchy little song – Bill – strikes exactly the right chord.

And it’s got the perfect name too – Bills – because when you slice and dice the situation – yes, for certain, it’s Bills that are to blame.


Whether that’s a shifty politician rorting the local community named ‘Bill’;  or the dreaded paper confirmation asking you to cough up for a ‘celebrated’ rate hike – there’s always a ‘bill’ of some kind involved.

We hope this lovely hit song – and our other collection of tracks to celebrate DJ Picko’s achievements as a ‘truth remixer and ethical illusionist’ – help soothe the pain you may be experiencing at the hands of self-serving bent bananas that are meant to represent you.


Rate hike celebrations one day, cookie jar molestation the next

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They reckon they should be able to throw around our hard earned bucks, waste it on shithouse, useless projects, or throw wads of with dodgy contracts to their mates – and all with impunity or even a need to explain.

Councils spend big on staying slllall I James Robertson, Leesha McKenny Does merging councils save money? It depends who you ask - not to mention who is doing the asking. Sydney's councils are sharpening their arguments against the state government's plans to reduce their number, before they formally submit responses at the end of June to show why they should merge or continue as they are. Critics say the main beneficiaries have been management consultants .. Manly and Pittwal

Bill Pickering, f0llowing the John Neish model and spending megabucks on a congaline of consultants – ratepayers just love it!

Today’s Mystery Quiz Question Is: Who ended up getting Ryde’s lobbyist cash??


#notmymayor #ICAC #NSW #Politics #Transparency #Ryde


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