Star Chamber Wars Welcomes New Website Focused On ICAC’s Shamateur Activities And Pursuit Of Innocent Victims

Star Chamber Wars + ICAC_cropped

Between staff at ICAC fighting (collectively) for self preservation, #ICAC fighting to ensure NSW taxpayers are kept in the dark with its concocted public inquiry narratives and ICAC’s leadership fighting to maintain its accountability-free shenanigans – things can get quite intense at the head office of the grossly over-funded, under-performing “watchdog”.

And while there remains a sustained spotlight on this reckless mob, following recent revelations over dirty handling of its so-called investigations, it can also be hard to keep up with ICAC’s temporary increase in deception and misinformation.

But it can also get rather lonely being one of the few outlets publicly banging away with scrutiny and satirical coverage of ICAC in an attempt to raise awareness of its rotten state to NSW taxpayers, who haven’t yet even seen the tip of the iceberg with what it gets up to.


That’s why we warmly welcome the arrival of  – a new online entrant in the business of scrutinising, analysing and generally shining a much-needed light on a NSW anti-corruption outfit past its used-by date and now playing a counter-productive role in fighting organisational graft.

So far, as you can see from the screen shot above, it has delivered a swag of worthwhile contributions to the debate over whether the present, contaminated ICAC should be euthenased or rebuilt from scratch.

The website explains it is for anyone interested in the NuCoal debacle and the outrageous actions of the ICAC around it,  described as “the bizarre story of how the NSW Government tried to rout its own corrupt politicians and ended up also punishing many of the people who built the company and NuCoal’s 3,400 shareholders instead of its own rotten apples.”


“As if to teach a lesson for its own failings it confiscated Nucoal Limited’s Doyle’s Creek licence despite them being properly gained as part of an approved ASX listing,” Wave The Flag says.

“Is corruption worse than theft? Both are abuses of power, and neither is more honorable. It’s a dark night for justice in NSW and will be until compensation is paid for what has been done.”

We encourage you to head on over to Wave The Flag and explore what it has to offer, with this sample of stories to the right a good indication of what you can expect.

And if you haven’t yet noticed, Wave The Flag‘s acronym is  “WTF“, known as an expression of surprise by the text messaging generation and a very common reaction to most of the nasty things people are discovering ICAC gets up to.

Lastly, but perhaps most importantly, if you’re reading this and you’re a victim of ICAC’s abuse of power, then it’s important you know you’re not alone and there are avenues for you to be able to report the agency’s recklessness and ensure ir’s on the public record.


@SaveRyde (aka  Star Chamber Wars)

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