“In NSW, one hell of a tough lady, Margaret Cunneen, is fighting what can only be described as a witchhunt.

“And the leader of the hunt is the woman who shouldn’t have a job,  ICAC Commissioner Megan Latham”

– Talkback Radio King, Alan Jones

Sydney talkback king Alan Jones has plenty of fanatical devotees and detractors among his radio and TV audiences  – that comes with the territory when you’re an outspoken media commentator.

But whichever camp you’re in, at some stage you’re likely to have an experience that will bring you face to face with Jones’ broadcast brilliance.

And when it happens, if he’s singing the same tune as you are on the issue, the effect can be simply euphoric.

One of those experiences recently happened, when ICAC, the so-called Independent Commission Against Corruption was starting to get a little too big for its boots.

Sydney talkback radio king Alan Jones and The Australian’s discussed ICAC’s seemingly never-ending comedy of costly stuff-ups which is prompting the community to rethink whether ICAC has been doing anything properly all this time.

Jones in full flight against the ICAC idiocy is always an experience in aural nourishment and certainly one to cherish.

When he chats with The Australian’s Chris Merritt  about the slapstick comedy that is ICAC and its bungling legislative bitch – the NSW Government, you will almost certainly come away enlightened.

And most likely baffled over how this train wreck has managed to so completely come off the rails.

For ICAC, the runs on the board certainly aren’t there, but what seems to be ever-present is the avalanche of elementary, inexcusable and repeated mistakes by overpaid refugees of the legal services industry.

They’re far too talentless to compete with their peers for a living and instead, they’ve planted their snouts firmly in the ICAC trough.

There’s little sense of the concept of providing NSW taxpayers with value for money, instead snubbing their noses at legislation which dictates that they are to focus on serious and systematic corruption.

Instead, they take up arms for dubious types who feel tampering with process is justified when it comes to attacking political rivals.

The disgraceful and relentless persecution of Margaret Cunneen is surely indicative of the strange parallel universe in which these people reside.

They think their onerous powers are a privilege to which they’re entitled.

They have consistently managed to do such a sub-standard job that the public is starting to realise they’ve been hoodwinked by sensational headlines and engineered drama.

This is ICAC’s convenient substitute when it falls well short of doing what it’s meant to. This is called a ‘throw off’.

Political tampering was also a dominant theme in its ridiculous Ryde inquiry, in which the ICAC was comandeered for use as a political weapon. The mission, was to get those gravy train-stopping councillors that stood in solidarity with the community against the mother of all Ryde rorts.

And it worked. No one’s saying a word. While some exquisitely timed delays and elimination of political rivals using the ICAC bazooka have delivered the worst possible public outcome.

Lazy journalists that have somehow come to psychologically  normalise ICAC’s abuses of power watched on as one of the most shockingly obvious conflicts of interest unfolded before them.

They’ve been asleep at the wheel and have neglected the important responsibilities the media carries to scrutinise and shine a light where it’s needed.

But it’s not the failure of the media, or the dark forces of self-interest that should bear the brunt of the public’s wrath for playing a part in the perversion of a rabid and directionless anti-corruption “botch dog”.

It is the supposedly experienced Assistant Commissioner Theresa Hamilton and her sidekick Counsel Assisting Jason Downing who took in the porridge they were fed without so much as smelling a rat.

Just makes you wonder how far in orbit they were.

They should be made accountable for this waste of taxpayer dollars that also came with an onerous opportunity cost – the prospect of some serious and systemic corruption being handled by the agency charged with the task.

Remember, several thousand referrals to ICAC are rejected every year and even so, it has charged ahead with a selection of the least compelling and least justified.

To those in ICAC who are steering the ship, if you haven’t yet got the message – you’re doing an absolutely shithouse job, you should be ashamed and you should also be held accountable.


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