Really, How Many Hints Do We Need To Reform Or Replace ICAC?

ICAC’s recent announcement it will hold a public inquiry into what appear to be private matters that tenuously – if at all – fall within its charter, is just another piece of the mounting evidence that it has lost its way, drunk on excessive powers, and needs to be seriously reformed or replaced.

How many hints do we need?

The latest development is that the Office of the Inspector of the ICAC has announced an audit of ICAC’s inquiry into the matter involving Mc Cuneen.

Former NSW Premier Nick Greiner, who was famously done over by the ICAC and then successfully had its claims overturned through a Supreme Court challenge, also criticised ICAC’s conduct.

Bruce McClintock SC wonders whether it's time to start kerbing ICAC's excessive powers

Bruce McClintock SC wonders whether it’s time to start kerbing ICAC’s excessive powers

That follows pointed criticism from barrister Bruce McClintock, SC, who in 2005 was commissioned to review ICAC in 2005, to counter the problem of its abuse of power.

In fact, The Australian has led the way in scrutinising ICAC’s latest misguided efforts, with the once authoritative SMH largely compliant and uncritical of ICAC’s most recent bungles.

Once the Cuneen review is done by the Inspector of the ICAC, consideration should be given to doing the same with ICAC’s disgraceful Ryde inquiry. It’s not until the detail of its report is scrutinised that you realise how must of a lemon justice has been served in NSW by its costly and mostly-wayward efforts.


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