Ryde Spivs Have Another Crack With Twin Tower

As most of Ryde’s concerned residents had predicted, the spivs pushing the Twin Tower calamity are back for another crack at making the lives of locals miserable! Save Ryde is happy to provide a courtesy relay of the urgent announcement that was recently disseminated by the Ryde Community Alliance.

Those who sought to abuse ICAC processes as a means of ridding council of honest councillors to clear the way for their Civic Centre mostrosity are trying it on again – at the next Ryde council meeting. Ryde Community Alliance and Save Ryde urges you to attend the council meeting on:

TUESDAY, 13th May, 2014 – 7pm – Ryde Civic Centre

(see also Facebook event: https://www.facebook.com/events/1445091005738793/?ref=22)

No Twin Towers at Top Ryde

No Twin Towers at Top Ryde

Updates are also available on Save Ryde’s Facebook page – check it out and ‘Like’ us.

Courtesy relay of urgent Ryde Community Alliance announcement…

Dear Ryde friends and residents,

IT’S ON AGAIN – high rise towers for the Civic Centre Site

You and 3,000 others have previously formally objected to the action by Ryde City Council to rezone and sell the Civic Centre for demolition and redevelopment for 24 storey residential twin towers.The overwhelming majority of residents oppose the appalling plan.

At the September 2012 elections the community elected a majority of Councillors opposed to the proposal – that should have been the end of the plan. The new Council under Mayor Ivan Petch set in train the process to undo the high rise rezoning but it has taken far too long – in the meantime the Liberals have retaken control of the Council and the Mayor is Roy Maggio. Now the council is poised to retain the high rise zoning and breathe life back into the monster.

A consultant’s report recommending REFUSAL of the community’s preferred rezoning TO PROTECT THE CIVIC CENTRE is on the Council agenda for next Tuesday night, 13 May 2014. It is very important that  RYDE RESIDENTS attend to demand that Council reject the report AND proceed to rezone the site for community purposes. People are urged to speak against the report –  CALL 9952-8222 and register to speak by midday 13 May 2014. 

For a copy of the covering report to Council by the Council’s Environment & Development Group, click here

For a copy of the consultant’s full report, click here

We encouraged people to formally support the protective rezoning and more than 720 submissions in support were submitted to the Council even though many local people would have been unaware of the exhibition as it took place  during the past Christmas and Summer holidays – the usual ploy when Council is trying to avoid real scrutiny.

The previous Council used a consultant’s report to dismiss 3000 objections to the proposal for 24 storey residential re-development of the Civic Centre site and to push the plan through against overwhelming community objections. History is now repeated as the Council tries to use yet another consultant’s report to do the same thing – dismiss more than 720 community submissions in a few lines and revive Frankenstein’s monster. 

DO NOT LET THIS COUNCIL DISMISS US AGAIN – call Councillors this weekend (TODAY PERHAPS!) – for their contact details, click here – to demand that the high rise plan not be revived AND attend the meeting to make your objections really heard.




Jennie Minifie and Leonie Dean
– for Ryde Community Alliance.
contact: 0438 409 274


You can also stay up to date through Save Ryde’s Facebook page –  www.facebook.com/save.ryde – or the No Towers At Ryde Facebook Page – https://www.facebook.com/pages/No-Towers-at-Ryde/148092021959124




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