You Think I Did A Shit Job…


In the above photo – Bunnings Xmas Party Star Tony Abbott, who specialises in playing the role of wingnut to keep the kids amused and former PM John Howard, who despite assurances he’d be locked in a dark room in Sydney’s north shore to protect the community, escaped last weekend to join Abbott in an American -style rally which had fuck all impact!

Howard brought with him to the event the two Amazonian eyebrows which were recently declared national parks.

In this amazing photo, someone has managed to isolate the pair into the same room but tragically forgotten to lock them in there and call the pest controllers! By the way, in between them is a bloke Abbott met at the Bunnings Xmas party two years ago and who specialises in impersonating various tools – and he’s a natural!

That was a huge missed opportunity to stop their continued campaign of annoying people simply through… well, their demeanour!

Please reflect on this when considering how to make sure your vote doesn’t leave Australia with the embarrassing predicament of Abbot as PM. In Bennelong for example, give Alexander a nice firm volley and give your vote to Jeff Salvestro-Martin. An intelligent, hardworking community representative with fresh ideas and a focus on fair outcomes – ones in which you have a say!

credit: Dan Smith/MItch Ophir


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