A very serious issue here – and Ryde’s

A very serious issue here – and Ryde’s incompetent planners are to blame! But first-term rookie councillor Jerome Laxale must have thought Christmas had come early when a typo saw him described as “Ryde Labor leader”. Probably fair to say an electoral thrashing at the hands of Victor Dominello does not qualify you for leadership. What a coincidence the typo surfaced while senior Labor councillor Jeff Salvestro-Martin was on leave of absence on an oversees work trip. Most of Ryde’s community recognise Salvestro-Martin as the real Labor frontman in the area. Laxale and his fellow first-term rookie George Simon have begun their council terms a little on the cocky side. Simon has recently had a series of public humiliations stemming from ill-considered publicity stunt failures, mainly driven by attempts to score points against popular Liberal councillor Roy Maggio. Both Simon and Laxale would not want local residents or Ryde’s Labor faithful to know what they successfully plotted to do around the time of the Mayoral election, would you boys? http://ow.ly/i/1eHsB


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