Their mums would be proud: Bill Pickering, Anthony Roberts bromance recognised by national broadsheet

Finally! Andrew Clenell (@aclennell) formerly of the Tele and now with The @Australian has caught up with this ‘Cash for Approvals’ scam run by long-time bromancers Anthony Roberts and Bill Pickering.

Sorry, but the “EXCLUSIVE” sticker for this story is already occupied. You can have “EXCLUSIVE for 2018!” instead. The Weekly Times – an itty bitty little independent newspaper based in Ryde – ran this story late last year (Sept 6).

And TWT followed up a week later with an updated version of substantially the same detail. It was a second chance for you to pick up on the story.

Says it all really. Mind you Andrew, you have chimed in with some very interesting condiments to go with the original meal and you’ve done a pretty good job also distracting the reader from the realisation this is a four-month-old story, one you missed because you were too busy getting drops from the same people.

Still, you’re not as useless as The Sydney Morning Herald’s Sean Nicholls, who is their knucklehead of choice for diversionary stories because he has no idea when he’s being played.

Nicholls, it’s not too late to catch up with the real story after three instalments of Victor Dominello-targeted bullshit he was fed to take him off the scent.

His stories didn’t even make sense.

Nicholls’ follow-up story confirmed he had taken the bait and had no fucking idea what he was reporting. I can’t remember what the third story was – but rest assured it was equally shithouse.

Nicholls has forgotten how to be a journalist, like many of your remaining colleagues in the SMH’s dis. To fix this, you need a bit of adversity in your life – a retrenchment would do you good, to drag you away from your favourite passtime of smelling your own farts.

Anyway, there is a segue here.. the fuck-ups that ended up on the pages of the SMH were cooked and packaged by none other than Pickering and Roberts.

It’s absurd to think Nichols couldn’t avoid his stuff ups, given his byline is on the story below.

Then it suddenly hits you – Nicholls didn’t understand what he was writing about. Sheesh… do you guys only handle drops, have you forgotten how to research, check facts and all those fiddly things?

Back to the story at hand. Clennell’s description – “Pro-developer group” – is lovely and warm and fuzzy – but “cash for approvals club”, is closer to the mark.


Ryde & Hunters Hill Last-Minute Council Election Guide


There are only a few things you need to know about today’s Ryde and Hunters Hill council elections:

  1. You need to get to a polling place to vote by 6pm!
  2. If you are voting in Ryde’s CENTRAL WARD, avoid voting for any political group that includes BILL PICKERING, Ryde’s #FakeMayor (or Mayor by Miscarriage) – his tenure at Ryde is underscored by a lack of transparency, undisclosed interests, deceit and wasted spending on a dodgy redevelopment.
  3. For all the latest news to inform your voting decision, refer to The Weekly Times’ Election Special by CLICKING HERE or check out the relevant pages below.

    This slideshow requires JavaScript.

  4. If you need to find the nearest polling booth in Ryde, check out the map by CLICKING HERE or on the image below

    Ryde Polling Places


  5. If you need to find the nearest polling booth in Hunters Hill, check out the map by CLICKING HERE or on the image below
Polling Places - Hunters Hill

Hunters Hill Polling Places

The ICAC Ryde Inquiry for Dummies

Understanding ICAC’s Breach Of Public Trust In Shameful Ryde Affair

ICAC’s Ryde investigation debacle wasn’t meant to be easy to follow, compelling or of interest to media. It was designed that way.

When the media’s not interested, it’s hard for the public to also be interested.

And it’s when everyone’s looking away that you have fertile ground for abuse of power and corruption unfortunately, even by those whose role it is to fight corruption.

ICAC’s Ryde inquiry and how it came about may well be the biggest ICAC scandal you’ve never heard of – and on May 2017 five years after ICAC’s flawed decision to investigate councillors and others opposing a development, Magistrate Beverley Schurr dismissed two of ICAC’s substantive allegations mainly due to unreliability of evidence.

In another matter, an alleged blackmail, Magistrate Schurr had no option but to send it to trial. Why? ICAC has been up to its pold tricks, concealing evidence, manipulating it, contextually mischaracterising it and in some cases, physically changing digital evidence.

So, given ICAC has held back a key document from the DPP which

The infographic below documents just one part of the disgraceful Ryde affair involving embarrassing ICAC bungles, cover-ups and persecution of the innocent on behalf of a group of bent politicians who continue to ply their trade – from NSW local government level through to the upper echelons of the NSW Government.

Pantsdown & Dastyari Call On Voters To Enrol While They Can For Pointless Postal Survey


What a glamorous, non-binding postal survey campaign it’s shaping up to be.

The August 24th enrolment deadline is fast approaching for those wanting a say on marriage equality in a postal poll costing megabucks but counting bugger-all in resolving the issue, with politicians expected to ignore it.

But burqa queen Pauline Hanson‘s alter-ego, Pauline Pantdown, reckons it’s important “yes” supporters send a strong message to the government and hit the streets in red letter box theme last week with fan, Senator Sam Dastyari, to motivate the masses.

The symbolism was not lost on the Senator and proud media whore, who recited the famous line: “they say that great minds dress alike,” adding it was “fantastic you (Pantsdown) have come in post box camouflage today.”

Pantsdown’s famous Hanson-inspired hit ‘I don’t Like It’ could readily be applied to the $120m postal stunt cooked up to delay the inevitable by those fiscal gurus within conservative political ranks.

It’s an absolute bargain. Personally, I can’t think of anything I’d rather shower with tens of millions of dollars. Raising awareness and revenue for Australia Post is an admirable.

It was clear Pantsdown wasn’t having a bar of Senator Dastyari’s small talk and playful, meaningless banter – not while there was a meaningless postal survey campaign in which to channel her campaigning energy and soothe the pre-match nerves.

“I think I’ll stay here all night just in case any late votes come in, ” demonstrating a steely focus on achieving the best possible “yes” campaign result, that politicians could then ignore.


Both were acutely aware of the challenge in getting younger Australians acquainted, in many cases probably for the first time, with communications minus the Wi-Fi, screen and Emojis.

They patiently gave an entry-level tutorial on communicating using envelopes stuffed with printed material, inserted into big, red, roadside Australia Post boxes.

“This is called an envelope… this is called a post box,” Pantsdown explained, clearly indicating each object.

“If you know the government’s NBN, this is a bit like human rights to the node.

“So you have your vote as to whether gay and lesbian people are human or not and you’re going to put it inside this piece of metal.”


Senator Dastyari knows there’s no room for complacency if the “yes” campaign is to succeed and overwhelmingly endorse marriage equality.

Especially with the “no” campaign so organised, having distilled its message into a compelling and persuasive issue that taps into fears so many of us frequently encounter.

Removing the barrier to marriage could result in two brothers, or a father and son, who love eachother, hastily tying the knot.


Senator Dastyari is probably now concerned – like others in the community – that Teams “No” will use dirty campaign strategy using his comments about someone marrying a bridge.

One possible approach would aim to devalue same-sex relationships by associating them with the weirdness and perceived mental instability that are clearly prerequisites on the path to becoming an inanimate object lover.

Erika La Tour Eiffel, 46 , romantically embraces the Eiffel Tower, who she married nine years ago

But it’s a risky approach that could easily backfire as human hook-ups with non-human objects is gaining popularity.

Erika La Tour Eiffel, 46, is living proof that you can fall in love with a famous landmark and have a committed, long-term relationship that goes from strength to strength.

Her bizarre fetish for inanimate objects saw her marry the tall and handsome Eiffel Tower in 2008. But the first time she experienced a lust for something able to sit still and patiently listen to what she had to say, was her fling with ‘Lance’, a bow that helped her become a world-class archer.

She admits having a crush on the Berlin Wall and says she gets plenty of action in her physical relationship with a piece of fence she keeps in her room, but Eiffel is special – the culmination of a life-long search for the perfect permanent partner object.


Incredible waste of tens of millions of taxpayer dollard and pointless waste of time aside, Australian’s looking for another reason to rubbish the postal poll will be pleased to know the Australian Bureau of Statistice – which famously stuffed up its online arrangements for its key task, the Census – is leading the organisational effort.

Here’s what you need to know straight from the horse’s mouth.


LEAKED: Ryde #FakeMayor Bill Pickering’s Election Leaflet!

Taking Us for A Ryde has obtained a leaked mock-up of Ryde #FakeMayor Bill Pickering’s election brochure for the September 9 council elections and the 2019 NSW state election.

The leaflet heralds a new political force to be reckoned with, with testimonials from The Muppets, legendary father of four and Greek-Australian fruit shop owner Con the Fruiterer and Real ‘Fake Tradie’, who has let his hair down since becoming famous at the 2016 Federal Election.

It’s understood Pickering didn’t make the deadline to register his ‘Property Developer Privacy Party’ after being dumped, along with side-kick Jane Stott, in a Liberal Party preselection contest and is running as an independent at the Ryde Council election.

Superstar Endorsements

Entertainment powerhouse, The Muppets, have privately been troubled by the growing tendency to use their stage name as an insult. But Kermit, Fossie Bear and Miss Piggy all agreed Bill Pickering was someone who deserved the derogatory “muppet” title and were happy to provide a collective, but brief, testimonial.

Bill Pickering Muppets

Con the Fruiterer, a household name in comedy television, made it big in the world of fruit and vegetables because of a preference for cash. That’s what caught his attention about Pickering. He loved cash too and was able to provide a smooth ride for Con when he submitted a DA for a high-rise, mixed-use building on top of his popular fruit and vegetable enterprise in a residential part of Ryde.

Bill Pickering Con the Fruiterer

‘Fake Tradie’ has kept a low profile since coming to prominence at the 2016 Federal Election as an actor playing a tradie, that was backing the Liberal-National coalition. But thanks to plenty of practice in the art of mass deception, not many people know the Real ‘Fake Tradie’ has long red locks. He decided to come out of the woodwork to pay tribute to one of his favourite political ‘shamateurs’.

Bill Pickering Reaql Fake Tradie.jpg

The Content Challenge

With no achievements throughout his controversial time on Ryde Council, the inside of Pickering’s leaflet was a challenge in terms of showcasing something that might appeal to electors.

But after much soul-searching, his strategists (who have a tough task polishing a turd) decided to do away with the boring old listr of achievements and instead, feature a slection of images that the lobbyist/councillor will be remebered for.

They include Pickering’s DJ alter-ego – DJ Picko – who has become synonymous with regular acts of “truth remixing” and “ethical illusion”;  as commando and war hero who survived a gunshot wound to the buttocks in (retired) Colonel Pickering’s Army with Major Yobbo Robbo and Beverage Tester Stott; as Pope Picko, Ryde ratepayers’ saviour and recognised for world class rorts by North Korea’s supreme ruler, Kim Jong Un.

Pickering’s new political party will build on his track record of respecting the privacy of the property developers he covertly lobbies for, especially former clients of his lobbying firm Hugo Halliday and former clients of companies controlled by his former employees.

For now, he’ll be relying on the popularity of Stott, among her drinking partners at Putney Bowlo, in number one spot, while he’ll take number two, with a couple of morally oblivious randoms making up the numbers on a “How To Vote” brochure that Ryde’s ratepayers will find handy as emergency toilet paper.

Recently, Pickering has been promoting his post-Ryde Council career as the head of a new property body he set up, using his role as the city’s Mayor (by Miscarriage).

The Housing Supply Association was launched by his mate, Anthony Roberts, who is now NSW Minister for Planning, providing a great opportunity for Pickering to earn a likely six-figure salary as “consulting CEO” of the new body, to be run from the same address as his lobbying firm, Hugo Halliday.

With this arrangement conveniently circumventing lobbying rules and given the history of Roberts’ and Pickering’s bromance – going back to the days of Pickering giving Roberts a place to stay after a marriage break-up – it seems NSW is well and truly “open for business”.

Why bother with all that community engagement and planning paperwork, just take a shortcut through Pickering, who will gladly take possession of your “paperwork”.

Unless Premier Gladys Berejiklian wakes up and dumps Roberts into political obscurity, where he’d be better appreciated, the new joint venture should result in a cashed-up PDPP machine.

It’s a shot across the bow for incumbent Ryde MP, Liberal Victor Dominello and challenger, Labor’s Jerome Laxale, with the simple message: ‘Hey, I may be at the ass end of every Ryde popularity contest, but my mate Anthony Roberts helped me set up a new sham organisation, so I’ll have more brown paper bags to buy the votes I need. So nyaaaaa!”

Bill Pickering PDPP



Dishonourable Discharge: Ryde #FakeMayor Bill Pickering Dumped By Liberals

Bill Pickering ICAC lobbyist corruption Greg Smith Anthony Roberts Housing Supply Association

The Sydney regiment of Colonel Pickering’s Army – partly led by Risky Robbo.

Bill Pickering, probably the worst, most unsuitable councillor to wear the City of Ryde’s red bathrobes, was on the weekend given the boot by Liberal Party preselectors… at long last.

And before the NSW Liberal Party executive could ban him for accusing Premier Gladys Berejiklian of fraud – as reported in the Ryde’s Weekly Times – the unpopular, self-serving, conflicted lobbyist jumped ship and – according to party sources – resigned from Liberals on Tuesday (8th August 2017).

Only 11 – of Pickering’s cronies – out of 53 local preselectors at the Ryde Eastwood Leagues Club supported the bid to extend his scandal-ridden tenure at Ryde.

Apparently, he stormed out of the meeting, outraged that his sense of entitlement had been challenged.

No one cried.

Except for his fellow Ryde councillor Jane Stott, the beneficiary of Pickering’s widely-publicised paramedic stretcher performance at a polling booth in Putney during 2015 by-election.

Unfortunately, those who have witnessed her subservience to Pickering at council meetings, have also noticed that when she uses mascara, she does so with a little too much enthusiasm.

Express councillor Jane Stott with Colonel (retired) Bill Pickering typically lurking in the background and consuming food that has likely been funded by ratepayers

Mix Stott’s tears of devastation and the fact the pair are thorougly unelectable, while the Colonel is averse to engaging with constituents thanks to his counter-democratic approach to transparency and accountability, and you’re left with one stinking political puddle of sludge.

Roy Maggio, who doesn’t mind mixing with people and in particular locals, wasn’t as upset as Pickering and Stott after also being dumped in what was a factional coup.

Now running as an independent, Maggio has always been considered capable of attracting voters but has been damaged by public perception of his links to Pickering.

But the decision of the moderate faction to dump him at the preselection is a puzzling one – with the Libs at the ugly phase of the electoral cycle, they may have a harder time than they expect especially if Maggio snubs them – as he should on preferences.

It’s understood both Pickering and Stott will still be running as independents too – wow, that pair again, on council? No way, Jose.

And the big question is: Will Pickering be able to get some publicity from Northern District Times editor Colin Kerr now that he’s unlikely to be able to misuse council’s advertising contract?

The NSW Liberal Party shouldn’t expect to wash its hands of Pickering and the associated risks he brings to the table. NSW Planning Minister Anthony Roberts has validated Pickering’s creation of a new housing industry organisation that appears to involve all sorts of conflicts of interest.

And as the clock ticks down on Pickering’s mayoralty by miscarriage, he seems determined to misuse his council role – as he’s done before – to promote his new six-figure-salary generating conflict of interest as the CEO of the new body.

Meanwhile, Pickering’s bromance with NSW Planning Minister Anthony Roberts ensures the NSW Government is only a pen-stroke away from its next corruption scandal.